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Called "selenites" or "stone of the moon" by the Greeks, selenite is seen as a must have in every crystal collection. It is said that the structure of selenite waxes & wanes with the moons' monthly cycles. This is because selenite is a special variety of gypsum, with a chemical formula of CaSO4·2H2O & a monoclinic crystal lattice. This unique molecular mixture allows selenite to resonantly link to the tidal forces of the moon via its molecules of water. It also acts as a natural fiber optic cable for light & electrostatic scalar waves.

Because of its resonance with water, selenite is perfect for healing work due to our bodies being mainly composed of 95% water. This is also why selenite is widely used as a cleansing tool. It can be useful for clearing other crystals, as well as clearing ones own aura. When used for healing, communication or any other use, selenite will act as a gentle waveguide for thoughts & healing intent.

Our selenite wands are unique because they imitate the shape in which energy flows. The further addition of the pointed tips gives the user complete control over the direction in which your thoughts propagate. Our wands can therefore be seen as a spiritual technology, suited for a variety of uses and applications, including the transfer of information to water, the precise targeting of energy during healing work, as well as sending subtle information from one person to another. If you’re ready to begin using the natural science of crystals in your own life, this is the perfect crystal to get you started.


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