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The stone choice of healers, shamans and mystics, the feldspar variety of labradorite is by far one of the most powerful minerals on Earth. It has the capability to transform the psyche, reorganize the aura, and induce altered states. Many people who use this stone say that it strengthens your inner willpower, and sets all your goals and intentions into motion.

The brilliant flashes of color that you see in Labradorite is caused by the reflection and interference of light by different layers within the stone. This phenomenon is what mineralogists call Labradescence. Various researchers have shown that the human aura is caused by a similar means of light interference of biophotons. Through these unique abilities, the labradorite stone can actually modulate, effect, and heal the human aura simply by placing the stone within your auric field, or by viewing the patterns of light interference within the stone. This process of frequency matching has a huge effects on the human psyche, as well as your physiology, and is even being studied as entire field of research called Color Therapy. One can easily see now the far reaching benefits of owning labradorite. It is a gateway to the underlying human mind that governs all the body's processes through a never ending dance of light.

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If there is one stone that exudes compassion, beauty and benevolence it is the rose quartz variety of silicon. It was used frequently by the ancient Egyptians as cosmetic face masks and was known as the beauty stone of Isis. Today, you can see its cosmetic use in the many rose quartz face rollers sold on the market. The pink hue native to rose quartz comes from the dumortierite inclusions within its structure. Dumortierite is an aluminum borosilicate that merges with the silicate structure of quartz during formation. The molecular addition of boron in particular is what gives rose quartz is beauty enhancing abilities, and overall feeling of compassion. It is known that boron supplements helps build strong bones, aids in repairing muscle tissue, acts as a skin astringent, and supports the overall feeling on physical comfort. This means that rose quartz can be used in direct physical connection with the human body to aid in all aspects of beauty and love.
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Known as the "stone of prosperity", the citrine variety of quartz is one of the rarest crystals in the world. It's beautiful color comes from iron impurities in the quartz crystal structure, but this iron does more for the crystal than just make it look good. New research has shown that doping various silicates with iron or aluminum creates a  superconducting dielectric when exposed to electrostatic fields. Of course nature figured this out first which is why various crystals have metallic impurities. This means that electrostatic waves of thought going through citrine will be intensified by the free electrons in its' iron impurities. In addition to the added conduction, the reflection of light in the yellow band of the electromagnetic spectrum by the iron allows for thought to be tuned towards the creation of events centered around creative expansion and surplus.

The purpose behind the double termination of our citrine has to do with the way in which information(energy) travels through the physical vacuum, and the vacuum structure of a crystal. The geometry of two terminated points allows for optimum energy transfer by creating a centripetal force at the point held by the healing practitioner, and a centrifugal force through the other end aimed at the person being treated. When a healing practitioner sends energy through a double terminated crystal, the crystal acts as a diode, only allowing information to flow one way through the crystal. This effectively shields the practitioner from any ailments in the client,  while still allowing healing intent to be transferred to the client from the practitioner. With this level of natural sophistication, we can see why this powerful mineral has a reputation for making amazing things happen.

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Amethyst is one of the most popular and esteemed minerals on the planet, and contains a wealth of holistic and psychic benefits. Due to its purple hue, iron impurities, and Brazil law twinning, amethyst takes the forefront as the natural alternative for psychic protection. This is because the color purple acts as an insulator blocking all outside influences. This can be seen by the many window and glass manufacturers already using the color purple as a natural defense against EM radiation. The addition of Brazil law twinning in amethyst allows the cancellation of any incoming left or right handed electrostatic torsion waves of thought, therefore effectively making amethyst a defense against psychic and psychotronic attacks. In today's world, such protection is crucial to maintain.
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